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90% of BACG students have been admitted to one of the "Ivy Plus", consisting of the eight Ivy League colleges (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, U. Penn), plus MIT and Stanford.

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One-time Total Strategy Consultation

Strategy is everything. We provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the student’s current status in areas ranging from academic excellence to personal qualities.

Long-Term Consulting

For students who wish to increase their chances of being accepted into the school of their choice, we offer pre-application consulting which helps and guides the student to become the kind of candidate top schools seek.

College Applications & Transfers

For 12th graders applying to college and for transfer applicants, our experienced coaches will guide you step by step through a custom-tailored strategy that works.

Secondary School Applications

For students applying to private secondary schools, we provide a thorough analysis and strategy and guide each student through every step of the application process.