Featured Testimonials

"Everyone else is trying to imitate what you guys do for real"

“I can't put in words what we owe you & how much you guys made all the difference. From the very first meeting, you were right. And my son ended up getting into the exact school you predicted would be the best match for him-- even though it was off the Waitlist and after some hard times. Your guidance and expertise through it all was invaluable. You guys really, really know what you're doing. And I just can't thank you enough.”

-Parent of Penn '21

“Thank you again and again for everything you all have done for our children! You have been instrumental in not only getting them into college, but also shaping them into wonderfully responsible and caring people who have a better understanding of and perspective on themselves and the impact they can have on others. Thank you, again, Angela!  We are all just so happy!”

-Parent of Duke '20

“My wife and I are always appreciative of you and your staff for your great service. Your service was more than simply "helping students to go to a good school". You taught my kids how they should design their future, solve problems along the way and know what is important in their life.”

-Parent of Penn ‘19

“We just wanted to let you know that after we followed Angela's great advice from a couple of years ago, my child applied early action and was accepted to both MIT and Caltech. Please pass along our thanks to Angela - her advice on strategy was spot on, and we could not be happier.”

 ​​-Parent of ‘19 (Total Strategy Consultation)

“I GOT INTO PENN!!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for everything that you have done with me. Working with you has been awesome and you've been such a wonderful college counselor. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

-Penn '20

“You are all extremely knowledgeable of these schools and know the ins-and-outs that I can’t necessarily get a sense of from a website! Thank you again for all of the work you put in to helping me construct applications that showed these schools who I am as an invested learner and all around person.”

-Successful Transfer Applicant '21 

“My brother urged us to hire BACG and told us that you guys were worth every penny. That certainly was the case, and once again, I must tell you that I can’t thank you enough!  I remember at one of the first meetings when Angela said our son had the potential for getting into MIT, just the mere approval to dream of it, was a compliment in itself and put a proud smile on his face. So you can imagine how incredibly happy he is to actually be admitted!"

-Parent of MIT ‘19

“I want to give another HUGE thank you for all your time and effort guiding me through this process. I really mean it when I say that I would not have gotten into any of the top schools I applied to if I did not have your advice and guidance for my application. I had totally given up on getting into Stanford or Princeton, but you were able to create miracles and help me get accepted. I honestly can't express how thankful I am for your help.”

-Stanford '19

“I thought it important to say a few words to show our gratitude for all your support throughout the past years for all three of our children, with yet another great college result for which my husband and I could not be more satisfied with. It is still hard for me to believe that the college process has ended for our family, and that it's really been more than a decade since my eldest went through the college application process with your help. Again, we are very, very thankful for all you have done for our family.”

-Parent of NYU '19

“Thank you so, so much for everything you’ve done to help my son succeed. We know for certain that we could never have done this without you. You guys are like family to us and we trust you more than anyone else. A lot of people say different things, and it can get confusing. But in the end, we learned to trust you guys, and your guidance led us to this incredible point: Harvard and then Columbia Medical School. We can’t thank you enough.”

-Parent of Harvard '18, Columbia Medical School '22