College Applications & Transfers

For 12th graders applying to college and for transfer applicants, our experienced coaches will guide you step by step through a custom-tailored strategy that works.

For 12th graders applying to college, we provide a comprehensive strategy that is custom-tailored for each student. We guide and assist our clients through every step of the college application process including:
  • Review and find the right strategy for the Common Application
  • Review and critique the college application
  • Assist in determining and developing the best topics for completing the personal essay and short answer questions
  • How to effectively present skills, achievements, and extra-curricular activities
  • Provide guidance in obtaining the right kinds of recommendations
  • Assist in leveraging the student’s work experiences
  • Strategize in prepping and taking the SAT
  • Provide interview strategy and training
  • Addressing the appeals and waitlist process
  • Create and update a five-tier school selection list for each student